A Focus on Professional, Vocational, Adult and Post-Secondary Schools

RollCall is a comprehensive administration solution with the features and flexibility you need to support a non K12 education organization. RollCall streamlines management with student progress alerts, invoicing, payment and balance information, customizable data elements/ reports/ forms and instantly available accreditation statistics. Mix and match distance and traditional classroom learning. RollCall is easy to install, learn and maintain with initial load of existing data, 6 months of unlimited support and training. 

RollCall Installation:

Standard Edition -  one administrator, easily supports up to 250 students
Enterprise Edition - many administrators and any number of students. Easy upgrade from Standard Edition.
Web Portals -
for web access by students, instructors, prospects, advisers and admissions staff

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Easy to Learn - save time and enhance your professional image from day one.
Built-In Flexibility - add fields and expand processing options at any time.
Always Up-To-Date - accreditation statistics, student performance, CRM alerts
Tons of Tools - included report writer, forms writer, Excel exports, email.

Features & Capabilities

Get Started and Grow:

Complete Solution - no additional modules to buy.
Seamless integration with Moodle and QuickBooks.
Included Support -
6 months of support by email, telephone or web. Product updates and initial load of data included
One Flat Price - no transaction fees!

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What´s New:

Connect with Moodle

demoRollCall's connection with Moodle is a perfect solution to the challenge of integrating a Learning Management System with school administration. Now, you can have a single administration platform whether you offer all classes on-line, have a combination of on-line and traditional classes or need to mix on-line content with classroom instruction for a single class. What could be simpler?. See: MoodleConnection for more information.

Updated: Jan, 2019

Administration Software for Adult Education Organizations

PowerVista RollCall is designed with features and processing needed for serving the adult learner. RollCall contains processing for tracking degree granting programs, accreditation statistics, relationships with outside sponsoring organizations, invoicing, student progress alerts and marketing to prospective students. RollCall provides seamless integration with Moodle, automatically tansferring course enrolments, grades and login history for CRM reporting. RollCall lets you combine distance learning and classroom content in any combination that suits your school  from a few on-line quizzes to a completely on-line experience. RollCall is a comprehensive school administration application; it is designed to be installed and maintained using minimal on-site technical resources. It incorporates back-office software with real-time updating from/to web portals for students, instructors, prospects, registration, and affiliated organizations.

Who Uses PowerVista RollCall

Schools using RollCall include vocational schools, colleges, community colleges, continuing education schools, ESL organizations, workforce training, educational programs associated with hospitals, churches and corporations, secondary, post-secondary, non-profit and proprietary schools. 

Who Chooses PowerVista RollCall

A majority of schools selecting RollCall right now are either new start-ups or are switching from a home grown 'system' that is an amalgamation of Access/Excel/Word documents (and sticky notes!). A smaller percentage of RollCall users have outgrown their current commercial system, their current commercial system costs too much or they originally installed a K-12 application that just doesn't match their current needs.

The start-up companies need administration software in order to get accreditation and cost effectively develop a professional image to attract excellent students/instructors. Schools switching from a home-grown system have outgrown their spreadsheets, lost their system designer, can't implement new processing or have limited support for their system.

If you're a school serving adults, the popular K-12 administration packages don't solve the data recording issues you face. Applications designed for large schools quickly outspend available budgets. You have the option to make your own system from Excel or Access, but anyone who has taken that step will admit to the unexpected costs, extra time and how quickly limitations pop up.

If any of these statement make you nod in agreement - RollCall is your solution.



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